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Use Feng Shui in Your Office

These days work can be extremely stressful. More and more people are working longer hours and that is leaving them feeling incredibly worn out. Trying to balance work with family life as well as fitting in time for you can be a struggle. However, there are ways in which you can make life a little more relaxed and less stressful with Feng Shui.

One way is to apply Feng Shui to your working environment. Since it would enable you to relax while you are working, using Feng Shui in your office could be the best thing you ever did.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui goes by the theory that everything in life has an energy source or Ch'i. Controlling the positive energy sources allows us to benefit and live a more positive life. Feng Shui teaches us how to feed that positive energy and using it to improve our lives.

Feng Shui in the office will consist of re-arranging the furniture if needed, as well as adding different objects or colors representing the elements of nature. We will be following what is called the “Ba Gua”.

A Ba Gua is a tool used to help determine the best locations in your home or office for certain functions, such as wealth, career, health, fame, love, travel and more. The ba gua is a map of the energetic qualities of your space. It is usually shown as an octagon with eight sections surrounding a central area, the tai chi. For practical use, the corners of the ba gua are extended to form a square, and then divide it into nine equal sections. The ba gua divides any space into nine areas. Each area corresponds to a different aspect of your life. Whether there's good or bad energy in that part of your space will affect the related aspect of your life. You will use this "map" to arrange your office.


Using Ba Gua within the Office

When you are ready to begin, make a rough blueprint of your office space and use the ba gua map to split the area in 9 sections. Then check the map and see which elements you need to incorporate into the office. Aim to keep a good balance between each area so that every aspect of your life benefits from the layout. A good balance is achieved by not having too much of one element and lacking another. Your space has to have a balance of the five elements of Feng Shui: Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire.

One rule of Feng Shui that you should pay attention to in the office, is that the desk should be facing the doorway. This will not only help in a Feng Shui aspect but it will also help you to greet any incoming guests and you'll never be caught by surprise. When a person enters the room, the first thing that they will see is you at your desk. This gives you an air of importance and helps you look more professional.

Also make sure your back is against a wall, not a window. You need something solid supporting you. If you don't have another option, try to put a heavy piece of furniture like a bookcase or console between your chair and the window.

If you are interested in increasing your wealth (who isn’t!), then you may want to place a picture of a waterfall on one of the walls related to your Wealth Area. Water is the element responsible for drawing wealth into your life, so items such as a fountain or an aquarium will help too. Plants also brighten up your space and help move the good energy around you. So why not place a plant on your Health and Family Area?

Follow your heart. You'll feel different about every change you make, so just keep what makes you feel more comfortable. Enjoy!