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Crystals in Feng Shui – How to use them.

Crystals are perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui in your house. But how do you use crystals in Feng Shui? Well, crystals possess a lot of positive energy and also act as conductors– absorbing energy or Qi from your surrounding elements and channeling them.  The right kind of crystal, placed in a strategic position, could channel Qi in an effective manner, helping the crystal affect your life in a positive way.

Feng Shui crystals are mostly natural and are found in mineral deposits under the earth’s surface. These crystals are believed to be superior and the ones mostly used by Feng Shui experts, since their natural process of formation has allowed them to absorb all the qualities of the earth and thus their capacity for holding and disseminating energy also evolves better. You will find many artificial crystals in specialty Feng Shui shops, though these will not be as effective.

Different crystals are recommended depending on what effect you’d like them to have on your life. For example, for those looking for love or looking to better their romantic relationships, a Rose Quartz is best. The Rose Quartz must be placed in the love and relationships area of the room. A Rose Quartz also helps in the nursing of a broken heart or overcoming a difficult relationship. Another crystal recommended for general peace and tranquility in the house is Hematite.

Crystals in Feng Shui - Hematite


Hematite is known for its stress-busting and grounding qualities and it is supposed to be placed near the main entrance. Hematite also helps calms hyperactivity in children, and if that is what you need, you should place it in their rooms. When you go to buy a crystal, look around and let the crystal pick you. Feel it in your hand, or just go with your gut.

Feng Shui crystals need to be cleaned and cared for, too. When you buy a crystal, it is essential to wash it, or rather, cleanse it, before placing it in your house. This is necessary because the crystal is handled by many people before coming into your hands. This handling causes the crystal to lose its sparkle and also absorbs the energy of the handlers. The best ways to clean the crystal is to place it in a freezer for a couple of days, cleanse it with sage smoke, leave it under the moonlight for a night, bury it in the ground for a day, or soak it in water with natural sea salt. Just be aware that some crystals, like Selenite, dissolve in water, so check to see what is best for the crystal of our choosing.

Whatever crystal you choose, or whatever crystal chooses you, they are a great addition to your décor, and your life.