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Bagua Map

The Bagua map is used in Feng Shui to determine the different locations in your home that affect different areas in your life.
Always hold the bagua with the blue, black and gray areas next to your body, and stand on the front door of your home or apartment. Superpose this map to the layout of your home to find out where each area is. Keep in mind that not all homes or apartments are a perfect square or rectangle, so there is a chance of having missing areas.
So even if your property is L-shaped, try to fit it inside the square of the bagua map to determine what areas are missing, if any are missing at all.

But don't let a difficult floor plan deter you from your plans to start using Feng Shui. You can apply all the Feng Shui principles in a room by room basis, while you understand a bit more about the layout of your home. Choose the right colors and the right elements for each area and remember to keep a balance of all the elements as much as you can.

Feng Shui Bagua Map