About Me

About 15 years ago I was in a very bad financial situation.  I had been laid off from my job and lost all my savings to a callous con man. I only had enough to pay for one more month's rent, and I was desperate. I had been doing very low paying freelance jobs, but I was starting to dread that the clients would not pay me. I was owed many paychecks, but no matter how much I called these guys, they weren't paying, giving all kinds of excuses. One morning I was reading the paper and there was an article about how President Clinton had arranged the Oval office with Feng Shui principles, and I figured that if even the President had faith in it, I should try it. I went to the bookstore and started checking the Feng Shui books. I picked one and opened it in a random page. The first thing I read was: "Do you feel that money is not coming into your home? Are your payments always late or get lost on the way?".  Bam!!  I was shocked to say the least!

I purchased the book and brought it home. The remedy for that particular problem was to set up an aquarium with Goldfish. I need to mention that my mother, who lived with me at the time, was terribly superstitious and she would never have anything having to do with fish or the sea at home, let alone a live fish!   But we went and bought a tank from the classifieds and got 9 fish like the book said. (Since then I have become an avid aquarium keeper, and I even have a website about keeping aquariums and Goldfish)

I am not lying... the very next day, all the checks that were owed to me came in the mail, all at once! I was in awe and ran to read the rest of the book and started applying all the principles in it.

Less than two weeks later, a good friend offered to loan me $3000 to help me out and told me to set up my own business and he would help me with contacts etc. In less than two months I had payed off the loan, I had moved to a larger apartment, and my life took off all over again.

Since then, I have read every Feng Shui books that comes out, I have consulted with many practitioners, and I keep practicing and experimenting with it. I have helped many friends get over slumps like mine and everybody is shocked when they see the results.

15 years later, I am still doing great.

I am not an expert, by no means, and I have never studied to be a professional practitioner, but I wanted to share the stuff that I learn with people. My learning is ongoing and as I learn I'll share with as many people as I want.

That's me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy the site.