The Feng Shui 5 Elements

Feng Shui works with five elements found in nature: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element enhances of contains the energy in different areas of the bagua.

These are the Feng Shui 5 Elements.


Indoor PlantGreen
Rectangular, columnar  shapes
Wooden furniture
Wooden paneling, floors, decks, roofing
Indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, including silk or plastic
Floral prints
Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers


Red Triangular CandleRed, purple, orange, pink
Triangular shapes, pyramids, cones
All lights, including electric, candles and natural
Objects made of animal fur, leather, bone, feathers and wool
Pets and wildlife
Art that depicts people or animals, light or fire

Earthenware PotYellows and earthy tones
Brick, tile
Ceramic or earthenware objects
Squares, rectangles, flat surfaces
Art depicting earthy landscapes like deserts


Metal Picture FrameWhites, grays
Round and oval shapes, arches
All kinds of metal
Rocks and stones like marble or granite
Natural crystals, rocks and gemstones


Bamboo FountainBlues, blacks
Wavy, curved, free-form, asymmetrical shapes
Reflective surfaces like cut crystal, mirrors and glass
Art depicting rivers, lakes, oceans, pools, etc.
Water features and aquariums

Nourishing Cycles of the Five Elements

Nourishing Cycle of the Five Elements

Water nurtures Wood
Wood feeds Fire
Fire makes Earth
Earth creates metal
Metal holds Water


Controlling Cycles of the Five Elements

Controlling Cycles of the Five Elements

Wood consumes Earth
Earth dams Water
Water extinguishes Fire
Fire melts Metal
Metal cuts Wood