How to use Feng Shui in your car

People consciously or unconsciously judge our personality through our cars. Be honest, you do it too. If someone you are meeting arrives in a dirty car with “Wash Me” written on the window, your opinion of that person is affected at least a tiny bit, right? I once had a date with a terribly handsome guy, whom I’d only seen at friends’ houses and other places. That day he came to pick me up in his car, and before I could get in he had to clear out a bunch of wrappers from the passenger seat and throw a couple of empty water bottles to the back seat, where they bounced on a pile of old newspapers. Once inside the car, I could smell the dirt, the cigarettes, the old hamburger wrapper that was hiding somewhere in there, and who knows what else. Suddenly, he didn’t seem so handsome to me. Yes, the car can reflect our personality, or give the wrong idea of it.

But the negative energy of a car like the one I described, does not only affect a potential mate, it affects you, the driver, as well. Applying Feng Shui can increase your sense of clarity and protection, and even help prevent road rage by keeping you serene while you drive. The chi that flows within our car is created by the elements inside it, and we need to keep them balanced t contains to manage the positive or negative qualities and chi.

Where to start?

Wash your car. A dirty car would reject the positive flow of chi and that could affect you as well as your driving capabilities. Have not only a clean exterior, but a clear and clean interior as well. Clutter in your car is just as bad as clutter in your house, even worse, since the space is so much smaller. Chi should flow freely and positively. Keep unnecessary objects out of your car; the proper flow of chi will not only affect your personality in a positive way, but will also help you while driving.

The windows are the eyes of the car, so keep them very clean, insulated and in good condition. In Feng Shui, windows are supposed to give you a clear view of your path through life. Clean windows allow positive energy to enter from outside, and it also helps your visibility on the road.

The maintenance of your vehicle is very, very important, and I’m not only talking about Feng Shui here. Your car is an investment and you have to treat it as such. A well maintained car will give you peace of mind and a relaxed driving experience.

Check the electric system, the nervous system of your car.

Check the fuel lines and hoses and keep them clean, that’s the digestive system of the car.

The heating and air conditioning systems are the respiratory system of the car, and if you keep them working efficiently, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run, and you’ll be cool or warm when you need to be.

As the doors in your house, the car doors have to open freely. Avoid the frustration of having to struggle even before you start your trip.

Your car is not a trash can. Imagine the chaotic energy that old newspapers, wrappers, bottles, cans, old food and unpleasant smells can create? You’ve felt the difference in the energy of your car when it’s just been washed and cleaned inside. Why do we like the smell and feel of a brand new car?

The best element for a car is water. Water is flowing, smooth and clear. You should carry a bottle of water in your car, and drink it if you’re thirsty, not just leave the bottle there for the water to

Keep It Clean

Keep It Clean


They say that sprinkling sea salt on the floor of your car can absorb negativity; just be sure to clean it out often. Other non-Feng Shui, but effective methods of clearing out negativity in your car include keeping a bundle of dried sage in the car. I like to use my favorite incense in my car, but I’m careful not to leave an overwhelming smell. That would work against me.

Dragons are very powerful figures in Feng Shui. They protect you and bring you luck, so place a small dragon sticker or picture somewhere inconspicuous in your car, or a small dragon figure or stuffed animal on the dashboard.

Even when you are traveling fast, it is a good idea to stay grounded. Stones and crystals are great for this purpose. Put a stone in your glove compartment or a crystal hanging from your rear view mirror.

Remember to apply these principles to the place you keep your car in as well by using the bagua.

Don’t you think that Feng Shui sounds a lot like common sense? Drive safely.