Use Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

Feng Shui Wind ChimeSound usually summons and enhance chi. Bells, bead curtains, musical instruments, gongs and wind chimes. Any of these sound making objects can be used to enhance the flow of the energy in any space, and wind chimes are generally used because they bring beauty and harmonious sounds into their space. Their sound is relaxing and can help you get rid of stress after a long day. But even though they have been used for this purpose for ages, they are also a highly effective Feng Shui device. Some people call them magical bells because of the soothing sound they produce and the effect a correctly placed chime in a proper position can have on reducing negative energy and turning it into positive. You can use wind chimes to energize the chi in certain areas or calm it down if need be. A dark corner, a big window, these are some of the places you can use wind chimes.

Metal wind chimes are ideal to energize chi because of their penetrating sound. You can use them in areas ruled by the metal or water elements. You can use wood wind chimes in those areas of your home ruled by the wood or fire element, and ceramic wind chimes can slow down chi and disperse it at a slower pace, like at the end of a long hallway, or in front of a large window. The center of the house is ideal for ceramic wind chimes, as well as any other areas that benefit from adding the earth element.


Placing wind chimes outdoors is always satisfying, since the musical sound they make will always attract good chi. I like to use them by my front door, or in front of my windows. Wooden wind chimes placed under the stars concentrate the energy of the fire element, and wood feeds fire, so they can help bring prosperity and wealth to your home. In ancient Chinese tradition it was believed by traders and sea farers that a wooden wind chime, hanging under a starlit sky and attached to a model of a Chinese ship would bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the owner.


Sound is a popular and powerful Feng Shui cure. Wind chimes and every instrument such as pianos, guitars etc, are effective cures for many issues, but they are also pleasing to your senses. When you use them correctly, you can help break up stagnant chi, energize beneficial chi and improve many areas of your life.