What does Feng Shui have to do with the Law of Attraction?

When you first start using Feng Shui  and you start noticing the changes in your life, it's easy to start attributing the reasons why those changes happened to good luck, but nothing could be further from the truth. You have created those changes yourself. You have manipulated the energy around you to bring what you were wishing for. It's the good old Law of Attraction. Yes, unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, you have heard of the law of attraction and how you can attract all the things you want into your life by using it, or rather, by letting it do its work, since the law of attraction works weather you use it consciously or not. The way to let the law of attraction do its work, is by not blocking the normal flow of your source energy with negative thoughts, regrets, fears and uncomfortable feelings. If you concentrate your thoughts in the lack of something in your life, on how bad a situation is, on how much you want things to change, you will be attracting more of the same. That is the reason why Feng Shui works. When you clear your physical clutter, when you make your space coMeditating to clear your headmfortable and harmonious, your thoughts automatically start being positive. You feel good. When you see things around you that you like, you feel good. When the energy in your space is flowing freely, you feel good. That helps the law of attraction bring you more of the same good feelings.  If you see a broken piece a furniture, the ugly painting your mother in law gave you before your divorce, the pants you used to love and don't fit you any more, what do you feel? Exactly… and when you feel bad you are sending the wrong vibration into the universe which will only attract more of the same bad feelings. Doing positive affirmations every day is a very important part of Feng Shui. Many times we concentrate too much in the exterior energy or Chi, and we forget that the most important clutter to clear is inside our minds. Applying Feng Shui principles to your space is a very good start, because, like I said, without any effort on your part, your minds will start feeling better. However, if you want to see a profound change, you will need to clear the clutter that has been accumulating in your head through the years. Start releasing all the bad feelings of regret, resentment, fear, frustration, worry and hopelessness, and start attracting feelings of well being, prosperity, harmony and love. There are many wonderful teachers out there that will help you with this. I love reading the books by Louise Hay and the Teachings of Abraham with Jerry and Esther Hicks. Reading these is a good place to start if you really want to change your life. For today, however, just practice substituting every negative thought that pops into your mind, with something positive instead.  Practice meditation, yoga, anything that will help you clear your mind so you can control your thoughts better. Find spiritual peace, and you will be able to manifest all the good things the universe intended for you.

Picture courtesy of: h.koppdelaney