Feng Shui: Easy Principles

Feng Shui, or the proper pronunciation Fung Shway, these two words mean wind and water.   Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the movement of chi or natural energy through everyday environments.

There are many people who would like to learn about this Chinese art to help them in everyday life helping to emit all the stresses and strains that it can bring.

If you would like to learn this old traditional art, then be prepared for years of learning and practice.  For example, when you think of wind and water, you have to think of a gentle flow.

It is easier to imagine that wind can be a gentle breeze or quite the reverse a tornado.  Water can flow as a calm gentle stream, stagnant pond or can become a raging flood.  These are just a few examples that can be thought about when following the patterns of nature.

The natural energy or (Chi) is a positive energy that is inside the body and the environment around.  It is through the understanding and practice of feng shui that is the art of trying to balance and enhance Chi in your home and work space, which will greatly improve your health and energy.

If you are a beginner in trying to learn the principles of this Chinese art then never become disillusioned, as at the beginning it can seem quite overwhelming.  It can take years, and years to completely understand this age-old tradition.

It would be fantastic to think you could buy a book on the subject and know all the principles to the art two days later, unfortunately this is not that easy it is only time and patience that will teach you.

The first and most important feng shui principle to remember and follow is positive energy attracts positive energy.  To put another way it simply means if you can have positive thoughts then positive things can happen to you.

There may be many who have heard of a popular book about the good feng shui principle, the book is called “The Secret”, there are many who have discussed the book and its contents even Oprah herself has discussed the book.

One of the secret principles to mastering feng shui is to think positively consistently.  This can help you to have a positive outcome to occur more frequently.  To be positive you have to be grateful for whatever you have even though sometimes you may think it is not what you deserve.

The feng shui principle can take years to learn, but if a person can follow a few principles and incorporate them into their daily lives, at least they will have benefited from part of this ancient Chinese art and will feel healthier and happier.

If you can always try to be aware and observe your surroundings, and allow any positive energy, you feel you have to flow freely once you have harnessed it.  It is possible for you to harness positive energy in not only the home but your place of work as well.