Go With the Feng Shui Flow

Ask most people if they believe that invisible energies affect their lives and they will probably dismiss the idea as complete nonsense. Then ask them if they believe in gravity, magnetism, or electricity. You can't see gravity, but it's a force that has a huge effect on your life. It prolongs it, for one thing, by stopping you from flying off into space!

So, invisible forces do have an effect on our lives, to a greater or lesser degree, whether people choose to believe in them or not.

The main reason why Feng Shui is regarded as a fad (by an ever-decreasing number of skeptics) is that it cannot be empirically proven. Magnetism has a visible pull on a compass. Electricity can be metered and sold. Feng Shui? Well... it just makes people feel better! That is no proof at all - and at the same time it's the greatest proof, depending on how in touch with your feelings you allow yourself to be.

Literally translated, Feng Shui means "wind-water," an energy that flows like water but passes invisibly through air like the wind. An early form of the practice was known as Tanyu, or, The Way of Heaven and Earth.

Qi, or chi, was believed to be an energy flow or life force by the ancient Chinese. It's scattered amongst the heavens and comes to earth in a most haphazard way. Feng Shui and the practice of arranging your home, your possessions, or your workplace in a certain manner, is believed to catch this Qi or channel it to the best possible effect.

By following the disciplines of this very ancient practice, positive energies can be focused into the practitioner's life in a variety of ways, bringing happiness, success, and even love.

Each new form of energy mankind has stumbled upon has been laughed at by its detractors before its effectiveness was proven and the benefits enjoyed. Feng Shui is no different. Well... actually ... it is!

Feng Shui has been studied for much longer. Believe it or not, Feng Shui was being practiced thousands of years before even magnetism was discovered. It was popular five thousand years ago and its vastly more popular now.

Now, tell me, would a practice last anywhere near as long as Feng Shui has, if it wasn't doing somebody somewhere some good?

The modern world is crammed, more than ever before, with conflict and disharmony. Workplaces are competitive at the expense of others. Roads are clogged up with noise, anger, and fear. Wars flash across our television screens, we are watching images we had never watched before.

Some people dive right into that maelstrom of negativity. They can ride that crashing wave and maybe even make money off it. But it's a short-term thrill. It brings superficial benefits. It never reaches as far as the soul.

For those with higher expectations, the world is something beautiful and we should live in it with harmony. Those invisible forces can help us live a more fulfilling life. Like magnetism helped explorers find north, Feng Shui helps us find our center.

So, for meaningful happiness go with the flow, the wind-water flow. Go with Feng Shui.