The Tools of Feng Shui

If you would like to incorporate Feng Shui into your life then you will need various Feng Shui tools to help you. Unless you are a Feng Shui practitioner, you will find it difficult knowing exactly where to place things and how to use various objects to bring good luck into your life. Here you will find out more about the Feng Shui tools that you can use to help you if you do choose to take part in the practice.

The Different Feng Shui Tools Available

There are so many different Feng Shui tools that you can use to help you, but not all of them are genuine. You will find a limitless amount of books out there all claiming to tell you exactly how to use Feng Shui techniques. Many of these books are not as helpful as they could be so which ones should you opt for?

The Book of Changes is possibly the best book to purchase on the topic of Feng Shui. It will tell you how to use the Bagua technique. This is the most common Feng Shui technique used in both business and at home. It represents eight different stages in life and by consulting the book of changes, it is said that practitioners gain a better insight into where to place various objects in order to improve the different aspects of their life.

By looking at the Bagua, you will be able to see how you can attract love to your life, or how to bring more wealth into your life. All you have to do is place the Bagua plans in your room and follow the layout. It will tell you which parts of the room to decorate with which objects. Certain colors are better used in certain parts of a room. For example, blue may be better situated in the South of a room. By following the Bagua plan, you will successfully place everything exactly where it needs to be to improve your life.

There are certain objects that Feng Shui practitioners swear by and aquariums are just one of those objects. If placed in the right area of a room, an aquarium can increase wealth and success. The Bagua will show you exactly which section the career area should be. If you place an aquarium or any type of water feature in that section of the room then it will increase your success.

Wind chimes are excellent for drawing in positive energy. The sound that they make relaxes the mind and helps to release positive energy. You should place one just outside the door of your home, or if you have a spiral staircase in the centre of a room, place a wind chime at the bottom of it. This will also help if you believe Feng Shui practitioners.

There are many different tools used by Feng Shui experts that can help to bring luck into your life. The Book of changes is one of the most useful tools you can purchase to help you if you are a beginner to the practice.